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Jared Leto… Why do we keep letting him do this? Of course, it was Sony letting him crap all over a Marvel offshoot, but still. After his caricature act in “House of Gucci,” I thought we were putting him in time out. I guess I thought wrong. Tyrese is the best actor in this… Tyrese… From the “Fast and the Furious” franchise.

This film is a hot mess. Unfortunately, similar to the Venom films, they still can’t figure out what they want to do, so they just sling a bunch of things at the screen and hope something sticks, only to allow things to become overly-complicated blobs of mediocrity. Which, coincidently, is also a solid explanation of the CGI in these films. It’s an unfortunate combination of everything that people tend to hate about superhero movies, cranked to eleven.

Please… Just sell the rights to Marvel Studios and let them handle it. Please.

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