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Man can’t get his fellow physicians to believe in germ theory. Gets fired from his job at the hospital.

Man joins a women’s medicine clinic, treating “hysteria” by providing orgasms by hand.

Man injures said hand due to a busy practice.

Man develops the mechanical-electric vibrator after his roommate’s electric muscle massager helps cure his hand and sparks an idea.

I kid you not… that’s the premise of this movie. Loosely based on the life of Joseph Mortimer Granville. Wrapped in a tale of women’s rights and progression of liberalization of a traditional, puritan European culture. It’s just as wild as it sounds, and far better than expected at first glance.

Maggie Gyllenhaal absolutely kills it as a revolutionary who takes over every scene she’s in, and delights as the incomparable Charlotte. A rather stimulating film, if I do say so myself.

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