“Meet Cute”

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So… Pete Davidson is really growing on me, gang. He’s got some serious acting chops here, and the chemistry between these two really makes this bonkers premise work. I’m as surprised as anyone.

This starts off cute, turns very dark, and ends with a nice warmth to it… much more depth than I anticipated from a tight hour and a half streaming rom-com. The lesson here is also timeless, and perfectly executed.

It hit me much harder in the feels than I ever expected. Almost on par with Facebook memories coming in hot with the morning gif punches lately. If you’ve ever had one of those magical moments in life that serve as a reminder of why we’re all here… this one will resonate with you. But then it goes the extra step, diving into why these moments mean so much to us. They’re messy. They’re one of a kind. To attempt to recreate them would be to ruin the magic…

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