“Deer Camp ‘86”

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Living in Northern Michigan, I hadn’t been this excited for a hunting movie since “Escanaba in da Moonlight.” My excitement was rewarded with a thoroughly ridiculous, entertaining, funny, sometimes terrifying tale of our band of merry misfits in a Bronco here. I’m pretty sure I’ve met a version of every one of these guys, probably in the past month.

Technically speaking, this film felt very “Evil Dead” for me. Some fantastic camera work, and use of the surroundings in building tension and upping the creep factor. Just enough special effects to add to the experience, without getting silly. A well balanced horror film!

A perfect movie for the Shudder family, and I hope to be able to rewatch it on streaming soon. Shout-out to the Vogue Theater in Manistee for bringing this to the public, and for their film slate always having variety. Can’t wait for special event screenings to make a full comeback!

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