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Thank (insert deity here) Christians finally figured out how to make good movies to deliver their messages. We’ve come a long way since the days of “God’s not Dead.” The key to delivering messages is in the delivery, and that comes down to making subjects palatable and subtextual, instead of attacking the audience with the subtlety of actually being thumped with a Bible.

Above all else, this was a really solid crime/horror thriller. The two main actors deliver powerhouse performances in what amounts to a one room play, with a few surrounding shots to support the narrative and round out the runtime. The Glenn Beck interview at the end was a bit unnecessary to drive the points home, but it’s understandable in the big picture. All in all, a solid addition to this year’s horror film lineup.

Moral of the story… probably not the best idea to straight up invite a demon into your soul. Just a thought from your friendly neighborhood movie reviewer.

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