Category: Documentary

“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”


Oh… megachurches. Doing the Lord’s work.

Also, what is the lead singer of Midland doing here?!

This movie was much hornier than I anticipated… You’ll see what I mean if you brave this one. Unfortunately, you’ll need to go to church after the credits roll.

The story itself is biopic gold and cements Jessica Chastain as one of the best in the Biz for these roles, after also knocking “Molly’s Game” out of the park. Girl meets boy, falls in love, amass an immense fortune based on fraud, fights the law, and the law wins. But, unfortunately, in a shocking twist, Jerry Falwell turns out to not be holier than thou.

Overall, this film was incredibly entertaining, engaging, and enlightening. It was a fun roller coaster ride through one of American history’s great rise and fall stories. Poor Tammy just wanted to play with her puppets and sing…

“Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain”


Get ready to cry…

The dark side of fame, the darkness within ourselves, the darkness of society. Juxtaposed with the beauty of being able to touch so many lives, the light within us all, and the beauty in the imperfection of a world made of imperfect people. Dive in, and immerse yourself in a brutally honest tale of a vagabond who allowed us all to live vicariously through him.


“The Projectionist”


He’s not actually a projectionist, he just owns the theaters. Come on, movie!

Also, apparently, every movie theater in Times Square used to be a burlesque show that would drop a curtain and show skin flicks. Pee-Wee Herman’s paradise. Think “The Deuce” on HBO. Then, the big theater chains came in to buy all of the little guys out, but this guy held out… kind of. He turned one of his beloved movie houses into an apartment building with a bar. Overall, a very odd tale of an immigrant having his Tony Montana moment, triumphant over the AMCs of the world to maintain a hometown theater experience in the least “small town” locale on earth.

“City of Lies”


Ready to hate the LAPD and love Johnny Depp? Have I got the movie for you!

This is a fascinating case study in the miscarriage of justice, social sicknesses we still suffer from, power corrupting, and incentives aligning to damage the most at-risk among us. After watching the Netflix series and working my way through the audiobook before seeing this, the story doesn’t get any more positive. 2 detectives who self-destructed in pursuit of the truth against every social and political pressure imaginable. 2 young men whose lives ended far too soon. A city with bottomless corruption. Captivating performances by all. A great example of real-life writing a far better story than a screenwriter ever could, transcribed beautifully to the silver screen by this crew. Very well done!

“The Courier”


Benedict Cumberbatch at the height of his powers.

What begins as a knock-off of the film “Bridge of Spies” from a few years ago becomes a harrowing tale of espionage, friendship, and international geopolitical maneuvering. For me, the relationship between Grevel and Alex is the best part of this film. The complicated relationship between these two men and their wives being a close second. It’s a fascinating study in relationships. The best message from the film, other than we need to stay aware of recent history to avoid repeating it, per usual, is that often the citizens of two countries fall victims to two governments at odds. As Alex says at one point, “our countries’ governments may hate each other, but our people are very similar to your people. It starts with two people talking.” Something to that effect. No matter how toxic those in power may become, everything can be boiled down to a relationship between two people, and good often triumphs over evil. Much more positive of an ending than I was expecting, but you have to look for it. The gulags get a little dark.