Category: Documentary

“Pam & Tommy”


Much better than I was expecting!

I don’t think we learn a lot more about any of the characters involved. Tommy Lee is pretty much who you assume him to be. However, it was in the depth and perspective this miniseries paid to Pamela Anderson where it really shined. The perspective of the differences in the effect on their careers, personal lives, and outlook on life. The differences between being a man or a woman included in a sex tape gone public were deftly handled, which surprised me. It’s perfectly cast and surprisingly well-done. Bravo to the Hulu Originals team.

“A Glitch in the Matrix”


So… basically the Metaverse?

This was the most fun I’ve had disproving the existence of the world around us since “intro to philosophy” in college. Once you take the red pill and open your eyes, it’s pretty easy to start to untangle the simulation we all live in and separate it from concrete logical proof of existence. Watch if you’re looking for a wild hour and a half of conversation about the meaning, utility, and mechanics of life and the universe in which we live. This made me want to get back into studying theoretical physics and time travel. Maybe I’ll just buy an Occulus, join the Metaverse, and go fishing in Fornite.

“The Dying of the Light”


A fascinating little documentary. I had no idea what time and expertise went into pre-digital movie projection. Before it went the way of the dinosaurs, the profession of the projectionist was indeed a work of art blended with science. Chemistry expertise mixed with an artist’s touch, all in the name of bringing to life the big-screen movie experience. Now reduced to the push of a few buttons.

“The Goop Lab”


Yep, I got this bored. After what seemed like years on my watchlist, it was finally time. At least it explains where the “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle comes from. Goop Lab makes a lot more sense now. So get in touch with yourself, and get ready to cock your head and go “Hmm…” at least twice each episode. Who knew that Tony Stark’s wife had such a side hustle outside of running Stark Industries?

“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”


Oh… megachurches. Doing the Lord’s work.

Also, what is the lead singer of Midland doing here?!

This movie was much hornier than I anticipated… You’ll see what I mean if you brave this one. Unfortunately, you’ll need to go to church after the credits roll.

The story itself is biopic gold and cements Jessica Chastain as one of the best in the Biz for these roles, after also knocking “Molly’s Game” out of the park. Girl meets boy, falls in love, amass an immense fortune based on fraud, fights the law, and the law wins. But, unfortunately, in a shocking twist, Jerry Falwell turns out to not be holier than thou.

Overall, this film was incredibly entertaining, engaging, and enlightening. It was a fun roller coaster ride through one of American history’s great rise and fall stories. Poor Tammy just wanted to play with her puppets and sing…