Category: Documentary

“Judas and the Black Messiah”


Nice biblical reference there. Touche, movie…

If you’re ready to get really pissed off at the government and see on full display the fact that we as humans often trip over ourselves when trying to affect change… this is your movie. They almost had it. Almost came together to fight the real enemy, but in the end fell victim to the age old tale of “what could have been.” Very well done by all involved. Impactful, inspirational, and educational.

“Silk Road”


Somewhat cheesy movie. Amazing true story. Hard to bring to life on the big screen, I would imagine. One of those “life writes the best story” situations.

Get read to fight the man, as you watch the protagonist take on the US government and in the grand scheme of things win. However, as an early adopter, he sacrificed himself for the liberty of others.

Your classic rise and fall story. A deadly combination of ego and paranoia get the best of him and lead to his demise. Regardless of your politics, you have to admire the cajones.

“The Last Blockbuster”


They officially outlasted Family Video! Haha

A heartwarming and fascinating documenting of the story of the little store that could. The family atmosphere and nostalgia this store projects even through the screen leaves no doubt as to why they’ve made it all this way, despite their lack of necessity in the new digital age. Not a need, but a want. A yearning for a moment back in time in the good old days of renting your favorite movie and snacks on a Friday night. Very well told and kudos to the family for keeping up the legend!

“The Men Who Stare At Goats”


Jedi Warriors? Tax dollars well spent!

One of George Clooney’s all-time great performances.

One of my all-time sleeper hit movies.

What seems like an incredibly juvenile fantasy turns out to contain innumerable kernels of wisdom if you’re willing to give yourself over to it—cinematic spiritual enlightenment at its finest. On my Mount Rushmore along with JAWS and Hot Tub Time Machine.

Also, you can’t go wrong with any track on the soundtrack. They all rock, and they all transport your spirit to the exact right spot to receive the film’s full impact.

“The Donut King”


A wonderful window into a world I admittedly never knew existed. Truly one of the beauties of cinema, expanding our horizons and awareness of the world around us.

Basically, it’s “Scarface,” but a different powder this fellow is peddling. A harrowing tale of achieving the “American Dream,” doing battle with Dunkin Donuts, and then losing it all. His legacy is a lasting one, mostly in the lives he changed. It’s an inspiring character study in the imperfect nature of even the best of us. It also serves as a delicious advertisement for donuts.

One of my more odd recommendations, but a highly recommended one nonetheless!