Category: Rom-Com

“Last Christmas”


What if… a Hallmark Channel movie script accidentally got forwarded to the wrong office on the studio lot, cast two leads out of the story’s league, and set everything to a legendary soundtrack? You’d get this film. Henry Golding was destined to play the dashing lead in romantic comedies. Guy even has my vote for the next James Bond. The best of all of the rom-com tropes are on display, and just the right amount of Christmas is sprinkled on top. The twist at the end caught me almost more off-guard than “Avengers: Endgame.” Definitely a heartfelt kick-off to the holiday season.

“Morning Glory”


As a sucker for Rachel McAdams films, I loved this one. Harrison Ford playing… basically Harrison Ford in real life on a press tour (old, ornery, doesn’t want to be there) plays perfectly against the bubbly personality of McAdams and Diane Keaton to create a perfectly heartfelt story. I really miss when these would make their way to theaters. Now they’re pretty much relegated to Netflix. The classic romantic comedy is a true art form, and this film hits every note masterfully.