Category: Suspense/Thriller



Well, the title isn’t a lie… it does happen underwater. Somewhat copying the themes of “The Meg,” the film follows a doomed crew of explorers who drilled too deep and unleashed something unintended. Calamity ensues. Kristen Stewart is in her underwear 79.8% of the run-time. TJ Miller provides much needed comic relief to a group of total Debbie Downers. Meh…

Part of me was thinking “did Fox just green-light every crazy project 2 years out from the merger with Disney? Just for laughs?”

“The Hurt Locker”


Definitely can see why this cleaned house at the Oscars back in the day… what a wild ride! Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie team up pre-Marvel Universe to bring the same chemistry to this pulse pounding thrill ride of a film. Director Kathryn Bigelow at the height of her powers, directing actions scenes with unmatched intensity and thrill. Overall, a classic war film, and a great Christmas movie.