“The Love Witch”

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Following the theme of strong femme fatales… “The Love Witch!”

Luring in her prey like a Venus Fly Trap, and allowing their own character flaws lead to their downfalls. Very Hitchcock, but very original in its interpretation and execution of the art of cinema. Fascinating to see a filmmaker make the artistic choice to light and shoot on film to form a piece that looks like it’s from the 60’s… when it was actually filmed less than 10 years ago. Fascinating to learn the backstory of the making of this film and be introduced to it through the lens of “The Last Drive In w/Joe Bob Briggs.” Have to plug Shudder every once in a while for its masterful curation of the horror genre for the streaming world.

This one is really hard to explain, but if you’re looking for something “out of the box”… definitely check it out.

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