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Oh… the opposite of Livestream. Gotcha.

You’ll be rooting for this guy to die the entire time. From the minute he hides the key to the lock from himself. He deserves every bit of what he gets. Which kind of kills the narrative of the movie, but makes it a nice popcorn flick.

Solid jump scares. Great camera work with the go pros and such. Not winning an Oscar anytime soon.

“V/H/S 94”


A true Shudder original.

You’ll be confused, you’ll be disturbed, you’ll be disgusted at points. You’ll ultimately leave entertained.

Fairly typical found footage film, with fun commercials in between the saga entries, and a light story tying it all together with some comedy to help cut the tension and keep you from having a stroke. This one was a wild ride. The best of the series since the original, in my book. Bravo to Shudder for a fun hour and a half!



I haven’t wanted protagonists to die this bad in a long time. I was rooting for Rebecca the whole time. The story was pretty predictable and over the top, but wonderfully done. The film is incredibly aware of itself, and leans into it in all the right ways.

Pro tip: Don’t stay in an AirBnB when the host seems a little “off,” there are cameras covering the place like a casino gaming floor, and the basement is locked with little to no explanation. Just because they cook you breakfast doesn’t mean bad things aren’t going to happen.

“Psycho Goreman”


Much better than expected!

Definitely not Oscar bait. Definite Shudder film.

I couldn’t tell if they were being serious or joking at times, but chose to see it as deadpan humor at its finest. Similar to “The Dead Don’t Die.” Satirical horror at the height of its powers. A fantastic cast. Special effects that mix incredible technology with “this looks like the claymation from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.” Either way, you will depart thoroughly entertained and asking yourself “how in the hell does this have a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes?!?!”



At least your ass will look good in the jeans they’ll have to bury you in. Sisterhood of the killer pants. Unbearable characters whose deaths you root for because they’re terrible people. A ridiculous premise that leads to some hilariously horrifying hijinks within the Aeropostale knock-off that’s under lockdown… for a new product release… for some reason? Don’t expect it to make much sense. Do expect some solid laughter at the absurdity. Turn your brain off and watch the deadly denim do its thing.