Category: Shudder

“Tammy and the T Rex”


You may be wondering how this one earned this score. Well, it’s unabashedly itself. Unafraid to be one of the most ridiculous hour and a half strips of film in Hollywood history. A love story between a girl and her dinosaur.

Shout-out to “The Last Drive-In” for yet another great introduction to a historic film.

You’ll spend quite a bit of the runtime going, “Hey, I know that person!” Pedro from “Napolean Dynamite, ” Denise Richards, Paul Walker, Bernie from “Weekend at Bernie’s.” An absolutely ridiculous plot, and yet, it works wonderfully. Bravo to one of the all-time great b movies!

“The Cleansing Hour”



I went in with a pretty low bar, but this film hurdles it with ease—surprisingly great performances across the board. An insane ending I did not see coming. Good scares, strong special effects. A welcomed addition to Shudders 61 das of Halloween. It’s hard to score originality points with an exorcism movie, but they manage to reel me in with a few moments in this one. Overall, they follow the tried and true “amateur exorcist gets in over their head” formula, with a few new twists that add some excellent curveball factor.



This movie is the discomfort of hearing the word “moist” put to film. It also happens to be very moist in the third act. A literal butt head. The strangest finishing move in a fight I’ve seen in a long time. Prepare to be both amused and bemused by this cult classic that could almost serve as a “Purge” prequel. Bet Bill’s ready to go back to Baywatch after this weird weekend.

“Cannibal Holocaust”


Definitely not for the faint of heart. Those 6.3 points are purely for cojones, not necessarily for film quality. This one will also take a bit of digging to find, as it’s been banned a few times in different fashions. The predecessor of today’s “found footage” horror genre, this film follows a film crew to the edge of the civilized world, into the world of indigenous tribes who have never encountered outsiders. Absolute hilarity or horror ensues, depending on your sense of humor. Overall, these people somewhat deserve to die for their character flaws and the terrible things they do as the runtime unfolds. Italian filmmakers, what can you say? They like to push the envelope and play ball deep in left field.

The soundtrack is an absolute banger, and doesn’t match up with the onscreen content at all. This adds a well-earned sense of tension throughout, and helps keep the discomfort factor at an 11 at all times.

Content warnings: They gut a turtle on-screen. Great bodily harm occurs to pretty much everyone on screen at some point. Beware. As I said, not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for children.

“Fade to Black”


Don’t read into this one too much… Guy who watches a lot of movies becoming a serial killer. Yikes.

Strong “Taxi Driver” and “King of Comedy” vibes from this one. Excellent performance by Dennis Christopher. Such an interesting premise, so well executed. Interesting to watch and catch all of the homages and callbacks to Hollywood classics. Highly recommend if you’re looking for an outside the box spooky film for the Halloween season.