“Finding You”

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With these types of movies, I typically judge them by the feeling I’m left with leaving the theater. Does it give me the butterflies? This one checked all of the boxes and left this forever bachelor inspired.

Uptight person who needs to learn how to relax from their polar opposite counterpart? Check.

Gorgeous leads who have spectacular chemistry? Check.

Beautiful locale? Check.

Overbearing manager/parent who makes it a forbidden love? Check.

Just enough twist on the story we’ve heard a million times before so we don’t mind rendition 1,000,001? Check.

Just wait until you find out the “you” that she finds… it’s going to blow your mind.

This film reminded me heavily of “Letters to Juliet” and “Leap Year,” which still stand as two of my favorites. Come to think of it, it’s also checking boxes that make it similar to “Somewhere in Time” as well. It’s also possible that this pounced on me in a time of sappiness to have a more significant impact. Totally possible. Either way, the cast was perfect, the story was exquisite, and the end product was *chef’s kiss*.

Side note: This rendition of “Whiskey in the Jar” was much different than the one I typically listen to.

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