“Army of the Dead”

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Well, that road head did not have a happy ending…

Turn your brain off and watch the zombie brains explode and the screen fill with the screams and remains of the undead.

The story is a bit inconsistent, not bothering to decide whether it’s a serious family drama or pure action thriller. The runtime is a bit long, but it’s Zack Snyder, so… that’s to be expected. Nitpicks aside, it’s a beautifully done zombie/heist film, with great characters, great action, and one of the best opening sequences of the year. The soundtrack is subtle but spectacular. The characters aren’t the place to go looking for depth but well executed by all involved. Dave Bautista sticks the landing as the lead in this film and the anchor of the team.

Better on a big screen, but will be ok on a big TV. Seems sacrilegious to see the Netflix Studios opening in a theater.

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