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Not what I expected from A24. Or really from a stripper movie. This was dumber than “Showgirls,” and that’s saying something. I guess the lesson here is don’t ever base a movie script off a chain of tweet and reddit threads. I don’t even think they re-wrote and polished them. Just printed screenshots and ran with it.

Another valuable lesson – don’t go to Florida with a stripper you just met to go dance. Especially when she travels with a duo of… questionable men.

I’ll fully admit that I may have missed some deeper meaning here, but I also feel almost as resentfully confused as I was walking out of “Uncut Gems.” Also slightly offended? Let’s just say I have new frown lines and almost lost my voice yelling “WTF?!?” at the screen throughout the runtime. (Don’t worry, I was the only one in the theater)

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