“Black Widow”

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Hell of a send-off for Scar-Jo! Bravo!

If this is going to be the new Marvel, post-infinity saga, then I will continue to be a butt in a seat for every one. This was an amazingly well done action film/family drama. The runtime felt a bit long at points, but there were some important character things to round out before the credits rolled.

The entire cast killed it. At least the family. (good lord, I’m becoming Vin Diesel) They seem like they’ve been together for 20 films, not just one. Quips actually land, and you feel a sense of closure at the end that makes “Avengers: Endgame” sit much better.

The post-credits scene was a bit deep in the lore for me, but I’ll find a few Wikipedia articles and get it figured out before the next one.

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