“Halloween” (2018)

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Definitely one of the strongest reboot/remakes this century. They may have pulled off the impossible and cleansed the sins of oversaturation committed by this series before Rob Zombie took it over.

Unlike the recent “Star Wars” trilogy, this film seems to use the former cast to more effectively handing the baton to the future generation. Other than the unstoppable killing force of Michael Myers. I don’t think they’ll ever make the mistake of relieving him of his duties again (see “Halloween 3”).

The kills fall a little flat as they lean pretty heavily on headbanging early on. It does get better later in the film, though. I felt like this one was doing more heavy lifting in the “establishing lore” department than in the slasher film department. Overall, a fantastic reboot and hopefully a sign of things to come for the franchise and genre in general.

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