“Possession” (1981)

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Similar to “Cannibal Holocaust,” I had to hunt down an unofficial official blu-ray of this online. How was this not on Shudder?! Anyway, there is a reason for that. It’s a strange one. Very moist.

Before Sam Neil was busy auditing theme parks (“Jurassic Park”), he was working for the government in a job more mysterious than Barney Stinson’s. He leaves this high-paying job to move back in with his… wife(?) and young son, only to find that there’s something amiss. I’m not entirely sure how to even explain it. Overall, the moral of the story is “Don’t stick your dick in crazy.” I know most slashers kill teenagers for doing the deed, but this takes it to a whole other level. Everyone who enters that sacred temple ends up mangled by the end of the film. This is what happens when curiosity drives one of my weekend watch picks.

Fun fact: Isabelle Adjani, the lead actress with the hypnotizing blue eyes that lure you in as a viewer almost as strongly as men into her trap in the story, was once married to actor Daniel Day Lewis.

Because I'm a Guy on Twitter: "If you stick your dick in crazy....😂😂… "

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