“No Time to Die”

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Possibly the best James Bond Film. Definitely one of the most James Bond films.

There are other films in the franchise that do a better job at one aspect or another, but none that fire on all cylinders quite like this one. My favorite aspect was the human aspect they brought to Bond. For the first time, I can remember, James Bond had depth. No longer an enigma, we actually get to see below the surface of 007, making for a much more impactful movie. It’s made for a much more impactful series with Daniel Craig in the tux. I got misty-eyed at a James Bond movie.

The cinematography breathtakingly highlights a globetrotting slate of locales. The action is razor-sharp, the fights beautifully choreographed. Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack was a fantastic choice. He brings his signature flair to the classics but still keeps everything grounded in the traditional Bond themes we all know and love.

We couldn’t have asked for a better send-off for Daniel Craig as Bond. Honestly, I would be comfortable with this being the finale at Bond 25. Bravo!

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