“The Covenant”

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Holy shit this is intense. From every angle. Not only does the action leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, but the emotional impact will leave you slumped in your chair trying to recover before the next barrage of violence in these 2 men’s pursuits of honor, commitment, friendship, and brotherhood. It’s a beautiful display of the best and worst of humanity, and how they often coexist side by side in our world, mixing in a gray middle at times, left to our own perceptions.

Guy Ritchie can do no wrong with the action, but where this film goes above and beyond is in the characters. The story is demonstrated expertly, instead of spoon fed to the audience. There’s an understanding reached while going on this journey together, and it leads to much more impactful twists and turns. I found myself enveloped by this film in a way not many achieve. Bravo!

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