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“Something The Lord Made”


Get the tissues ready…

In the vein of “Patch Adams” and “Gifted Hands,” join the revolutionaries that ushered in the advent of cardiothoracic surgery as a profession, by challenging the age old medical wisdom of the time: “don’t touch the heart!” A tale of race, academia, character, and courage. One of Alan Rickman’s finest performances as the “too smart to interact with fellow humans fluently” surgeon Dr. Alfred Blalock. A wonderful job by Mos Def (now Yasiin Bey) as jack of all trades mechanic handyman, eventual Johns Hopkins surgical professor Dr. Vivien Thomas. This movie tackles a lot, and does it with such grace! Great story, great film. Highly recommend!



Very well done! Up-close and personal accounts of the beginning of the AIDS epidemic from the front lines of the fight to treat the terrible disease. Something that is rather hard to fathom nowadays, being on the front end of an epidemic of the magnitude of the AIDS virus’s discovery. It truly brought of the best and worst in humanity, and this film does a wonderful job of portraying both, while also balancing the micro and macro views of the calamity. My jaw dropped multiple times during the film as I learned many details about the initial response to the epidemic that I had never known. A deep appreciation for the staff included in the film and abroad who were involved in the initial response, and didn’t abandon their patients in the process. Who took their commitment to serve to the furthest bounds of humanity. Truly heroes.