Category: Rom-Com

“Made of Honor”


“Hannah… that’s a palindrome.”

Life’s happy little accidents that turn out to change the trajectory of our lives… really make for a great movie.

I always wondered what happened to the guy who invented the coffee cup sleeve… turns out he amassed an enormous movie collection and fought a random royal Scotsman for the affections of his best friend Hannah, all while serving as her maid of honor.

A film’s effectiveness is measured by the ability of the viewer to relate to the characters. This film knocks it out of the park. Although, based on the name, Tom should have known he was in trouble. His timing is about as good as… someone I know.

One of my all-time favorites. Strong humor and heart, the essential ingredients for an all-time romantic comedy. Fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” will also be pleased to see Owen and McDreamy duke it out on the big screen.

“Under the Tuscan Sun”


Oh… she rebuilds the house while also rebuilding herself! I get it now.

One of those pleasant surprises you find surfing through a pile of movies that happens to enter your life at just the right moment, and hit your emotions in just the right spot.

A heartfelt tale of a writer rebuilding her life in the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. Making friends and building a life all while learning who she is as a person and what is really important to her in the process. Very well done sleeper hit. Diane lane really knocks it out of the park with this one.

“Banana Split”


There’s a dick joke in there somewhere… because his banana is split between two girls… get it? Boom goes the dynamite. In the meantime, back to the review!

Relationships are messy. So is this movie. Basically a love triangle, similar to “the other woman,” but instead of seeking revenge, one of the women is trying to get rid of the other and win back her ex? All the while Zack or Cody (not sure which one) is living a pretty suite life, as 2 gorgeous ladies fight over him while trying to be friends and get revenge on him… I think. And the redheaded best friend gets the short end of every stick. And a black eye to cap off a string of bad luck. The little sister steals the show by throwing some stupendous shade at the dinner table.

Your fairly typical “summer after senior year coming of age story.” Some solid laughs and some strong heart. Also, made me really want a banana split.

“Hooking Up”


Definitely rated R. Not for family streaming during quarantine. However, if you’re looking for a pleasant twist on the modern rom-com, with 2 people learning from each other, friendship, struggle, addiction, intimacy, and hooking up… then have I got the movie for you! Plus, Brittany Snow… *heart eyes*

This road trip between complete strangers really goes the distance, and explores the depths of intimacy and the deeper meanings behind our relationships with one another, be it platonic or romantic. The two leads play off each other extremely well and have the perfect chemistry as polar opposites that of course attract in the end. Strap-in, get ready for an interesting ride. Again, probably without kids around.

“Geek Charming”


Cheesy – Check

Romantical – Check

Happy Ending – Check

Yep… this one’s got every ingredient for a solid Disney Chanel original movie. An adorable love story, with some good chuckles along the way. Coincidently, also the reason I got into watching “Modern Family.” Making my way through the nostalgia of the Disney+ library this week.