Category: Romance

“Little Women”


In the wise words of Owen Wilson, “wow.” This one caught me a little off guard. May or may not have gotten a little dusty in the theater a couple of times. Bucking the trend of numerous news outlets lecturing everyone on “men aren’t going to see ‘little women’,” I thought I’d check this one out. Definitely glad I did.

A tale of elegance and humanity, love and independence. A character study in how we love and whether we have a choice in who we love or when it hits us. Heavy stuff handled deftly in this well-crafted film. Beautiful set pieces and cinematography, brilliant acting, and a razor sharp story tie it all together. Bravo!

Also, apparently the perfect revenge on the girl you fall in unrequited love with who strings you along under the guise of friendship with potential for something more but really doesn’t know who she is or how to love, leaving her with a void she is perpetually unable to fill and her pining after what you once had and trying to find it in other people or making a grand gesture in “too little, too late” fashion, destroys your heart and will to love again… is to become a hard partying playboy for a few years, regain your confidence, and marry her attractive sister.