Category: Shudder

“Cursed Films”


Well, that was disturbing… spent most of these episodes going “why the hell would you do that?!?” Like playing with a Ouija board in a graveyard, some of the things they did on set of these films was just asking for something sinister to occur. So many classic films with skeletons in their closet, no pun intended.

“Hell Night”


If your movie is only an hour and a half long and feels “too long,” that’s a pretty big red flag. Typically, the cheesy, low budget horror film makes up for lack of pizazz with unnecessary nudity or amazingly gruesome kills. (See every 80s slasher flick) Less frequently, they actually stumble upon an unforeseen sense of originality. (See “It Follows”)

This film did neither, and constantly tripped over itself narratively, trying to be cool. Yawned my way through it, because I’m trying to give Shudder a try. Great streaming service for horror movie lovers, bad choice by me of first movie out of the gate.