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“Marry Me”


To quote my man Owen Wilson, “Wow.”

This was much better than expected! A cinematic flashback to a time when quality rom-coms were regularly showing in theaters and not relegated to my Netflix watchlist. Not that Netflix hasn’t carried the torch admirably, but I miss these being on the big screen this time of year to inspire us all to be a little more open and vulnerable with each other. To take a wild leap of faith. They’re adult fairytales that inspire us to get a little out past our skis every once in a while. Sometimes those wild shots in the dark lead to beautifully fulfilling destinations.

A reasonably unlikely pair, but a potent reminder of the charm of Owen Wilson and the humanity of J-Lo. Well done by all involved!

“Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin”


Here at BGME, we judge “Paranormal Activity” films by the quality of their last 20 minutes. In that vein, this one is one of the best of the series.

In one of the stranger turns of the series, we see our couple venture into the snow-covered forest to explore the origins of our protagonist Margot. Shocker, she hails from a cult. (Shocked Face) There are bonfires, a hole-in-the-ground portal to Hell, strange extended relatives, and a tie-in to the original saga. This one checks all of the boxes after committing all of the jump scare reliance that the originals do. You take the good with the bad, and you get a decent scary movie about some paranormal activity.

“Eaten Alive”


“A new horror classic” for all of the wrong reasons.

This was somewhere between painful to watch and laughable. It misses the mark that the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” nailed. It succeeds in making the viewer uncomfortable, but not much else. The alligator is an interesting creature choice, and could have been great on the heels of JAWS’s success, but this film didn’t quite have the budget, directorial direction, or intent as that legendary series. If it resembles any of them, it’s the ridiculousness of “JAWS: The Revenge.” Grindhouse filmmaking at its finest!

“Halloween Kills”


Did they just nail a Michael Myers movie? Yes. Yes they did.

The perfect balance of psychological thriller and brutal slasher, this film picks up right where we left off in Halloween (2018) and didn’t let off the gas until the credits roll. I was hoping they would get more creative with the kills in this installment. They did, and then some. This is one of the most beautifully brutal slashers this side of the ’80s.

The story does lean pretty heavily on nostalgia on the character side, but that’s to be expected when your main characters are this legendary. Michael develops more depth than I ever thought possible while being matched up against the entire town of Haddonfield this time. Laurie feels like she completes her arc in the series, finally passing the baton to the younger generation. The ending was off the charts but in the best way possible. They get into the psychology of the town as mob justice prevails in the face of perilous fear, which was a very timely subject and angle to attack this from. The score, as always, was terrific. If I had to summarize, it would be, “just enough nostalgia, just enough surprise.” Highly recommend for your Halloween viewing pleasure. It is streaming on Peacock but plays so much better on a big screen.

“All Night”


A John Hughes-esque masterpiece! In the spirit of every teen “coming of age” story, this series hits all the right beats. A lot of unknowns combine for some amazing surprise chemistry as a cast and really pull the rabbit out of the hat with this one. Extremely cheesy, but equally entertaining and heartwarming. Strong dose of nostalgia.