Category: Streaming

“All Night”


A John Hughes-esque masterpiece! In the spirit of every teen “coming of age” story, this series hits all the right beats. A lot of unknowns combine for some amazing surprise chemistry as a cast and really pull the rabbit out of the hat with this one. Extremely cheesy, but equally entertaining and heartwarming. Strong dose of nostalgia.

“Hell Night”


If your movie is only an hour and a half long and feels “too long,” that’s a pretty big red flag. Typically, the cheesy, low budget horror film makes up for lack of pizazz with unnecessary nudity or amazingly gruesome kills. (See every 80s slasher flick) Less frequently, they actually stumble upon an unforeseen sense of originality. (See “It Follows”)

This film did neither, and constantly tripped over itself narratively, trying to be cool. Yawned my way through it, because I’m trying to give Shudder a try. Great streaming service for horror movie lovers, bad choice by me of first movie out of the gate.

“Bridget Jones’s Diary”


Delightfully painful to watch. Definitely cringed every time someone asked “so, how’s your love life.” A hauntingly accurate tale of navigating single-ness and the complications of trying to find perfect in an imperfect world. Brilliant performances by the 3 main characters. I think it’s safe to say Hugh Grant plays the same character in EVERY film. Not mad, though. Great to see the happy ending after a valiant battle between suitors. Conflicted, because I know the honeymoon doesn’t last, as there are 2 more films to galavant through. The original definitely lived up to the hype.

“Under the Tuscan Sun”


Oh… she rebuilds the house while also rebuilding herself! I get it now.

One of those pleasant surprises you find surfing through a pile of movies that happens to enter your life at just the right moment, and hit your emotions in just the right spot.

A heartfelt tale of a writer rebuilding her life in the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. Making friends and building a life all while learning who she is as a person and what is really important to her in the process. Very well done sleeper hit. Diane lane really knocks it out of the park with this one.

“The Banker”


Nick Fury and Hawkeye make a valiant return to the screen in this early home run for AppleTV+. Societal issues are front and center, and the 3 lead actors do a beautiful job of bringing them to light through this fascinating story of real estate, banking, and society as a whole. Really can’t go wrong with this cast, whose chemistry is undeniable. Truly moving and entertaining work of cinematic art, topped off by a happy ending in the sun. AppleTV+ has really hit the ground running in the quality department.