Author: Brett_G

“Peanut Butter Falcon”


Rule number one = PARTY!

This film is the find of the year for me, so far. The timeless “Tom Sawyer” type tale, with some of the best characters I’ve seen on the screen in forever. One of those films that inspires you even more than it entertains… and that’s saying a lot for this film that is pretty damn entertaining. You’ll definitely go through the entire spectrum of emotions with this one, but it will be one of the most fulfilling rides you’ll take in a theater this year. Highly highly recommend you track this one down.

“47 Meters Down: Uncaged”


Fast & Furious has butts and cars… This movie has butts and sharks. With about the same depth of story as a Fast & Furious movie. Good to see the guy from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” still out there killing it, though. The title pretty much sums it up. There are girls in over their heads in sharks again, but this time *gasp* they don’t have a cage to protect them this time. If you plan on cave diving any time, I’d probably avoid this one. Otherwise, it’s a fun time at the theater and the perfect length film. Great self-awareness by the filmmakers… just the right amount of story to go with epic shark kills.

“Morning Glory”


As a sucker for Rachel McAdams films, I loved this one. Harrison Ford playing… basically Harrison Ford in real life on a press tour (old, ornery, doesn’t want to be there) plays perfectly against the bubbly personality of McAdams and Diane Keaton to create a perfectly heartfelt story. I really miss when these would make their way to theaters. Now they’re pretty much relegated to Netflix. The classic romantic comedy is a true art form, and this film hits every note masterfully.



A moment in film history I think we will look back on as a turning point. This film is so much more than it’s comic book overlay and much more important to society as a whole than it is advancing the narrative of the DC character. This film delves so deeply into realism as the main character essentially unravels to his core, you can’t help but be sucked in and be brought along for the ride. Joaquin Phoenix deserves all of the Oscars for this one. The mirror the film holds up to society is one of the most effective gut punches a film has delivered in quite some time. Definitely a must-see from me. It is certainly dark, but not quite as violent as I had anticipated. There are short bursts scattered throughout the film. Very well pace, written, acted, and overall executed film!