Category: Classic

“This Time For Keeps”


What to woo the woman? Sing to her. Preferably in an operatic fashion.

Your run of the mill classic Hollywood musical with a love triangle mixed in. Classic rom-com of sorts.

How did I land on this, you may ask? While in the mood for contemplating “somewhere in time” weekend on Mackinaw Island, I also stumbled upon this film, whose pool scenes and part of the main story takes place on the landmark filled island.

“Summer Rental”


Exactly what you expect, and want out of these popcorn flicks. Fun, laughs, and shenanigans. Not a lot of stakes in the story. Similar to “The Great Outdoors,” but without as many comedic big guns on the bill. Slap on some sunscreen, and get your front row sandy seat to the annual regatta, it’s sure to be a good time!

“Back to the Future”


… on the big screen! This one will now forever have a special place in my heart.

The beginning chapter of one of the all time greatest film trilogies. So much great action. So many groundbreaking special effects. At the heart, a heartwarming story with relationships that jump off the screen thanks to the cast’s phenomenal chemistry and talent.

Lorraine… *swoon*

Every scene impactful. One of the best opening exposition dumps I’ve ever seen. I never before fully realized how covertly Zemeckis catches the audience up to speed before we even meet a character during the opening titles. One of Alan Silvestri’s, if not Hollywood’s most iconic scores.

Time circuits – On

Flux capacitor – Fluxing

Movie – Fantastic

“Jaws 3”


Before “Blackfish,” you had this film to convince you not to go to Sea World, for fear of being trapped in an underwater walkway with strangers while you wait to be devoured by a killer shark. The underwater restaurant looks pretty badass, though.

It’s in 3D, like every other horror movie around this time, and has one of the most laughable finales in cinematic history. However, still an entertaining watch, if you’ve never seen it before.

“Jaws 2”


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

The first one was just too good… they had to make a second one, right?

In one of Hollywood’s better sequels, Universal made the accidentally genius decision to switch to an action oriented director, who took this film in a different enough direction from the first that it actually works really well. The helicopter scene is a thing of beauty, cheesy as it may be. Chief Brody comes back for another round with his finned foe. The action gets cranked up to an 11, and you see A LOT of the shark in this one. A well executed follow-up to a legend, that stands the test of time.