Category: Comedy

“Christmas Vacation”


Yes, THAT Christmas Vacation… shout-out to AMC for bringing this classic back to the big screen to spice up the holiday movie-going season. So many iconic lines, so many iconic bits… a true holiday classic. More of a PSA than a review… check your local listings to catch this legendary film on the big screen!

“Zombieland 2: Double Tap”


Double the action, double the jokes, double the fun! One of the best self-aware, self-deprecating comedies out there! Two hours of pure cinematic fun! The perfect execution of the typically fragile concept of “let’s make a sequel and just do the same thing… but with TWICE THE BUDGET.” This film takes the premise of the first, and takes it to a whole new level; something most sequels fall short of. Get ready to laugh your ass off for two hours straight!