Category: HBO

“Mighty Ducks”


EMILIO! A solid Disney original. Underdog story with a hot shot learning humility, family drama, and a group of misfits becoming a kickass hockey team. This one has it all. Kind of miss when the NHL team had the cool logo and was owned by Disney. The 90’s were a wild time. Definitely give this one a shot.

“Something The Lord Made”


Get the tissues ready…

In the vein of “Patch Adams” and “Gifted Hands,” join the revolutionaries that ushered in the advent of cardiothoracic surgery as a profession, by challenging the age old medical wisdom of the time: “don’t touch the heart!” A tale of race, academia, character, and courage. One of Alan Rickman’s finest performances as the “too smart to interact with fellow humans fluently” surgeon Dr. Alfred Blalock. A wonderful job by Mos Def (now Yasiin Bey) as jack of all trades mechanic handyman, eventual Johns Hopkins surgical professor Dr. Vivien Thomas. This movie tackles a lot, and does it with such grace! Great story, great film. Highly recommend!