Author: Brett_G

“Knives Out”


Like “Clue,” only better! A fantastic cast brings together a murder mystery for the ages. With more twists and turns than a game of chutes and ladders, this film will keep you guessing until the very end. I compared the ending to the mind-bending twist that became the signature to the endings of a “Saw” franchise movie. Very well done, and entertaining film.

“21 Bridges”


Amazing cast. Amazing premise. Amazing producers. Terrible execution. Predictable from start to finish, sloppy storytelling throughout. Clunky character development. And a level of violence that was not only hard to stomach at times, but often completely unnecessary to the plot. So much wasted potential… a very middle of the road, at best, film that should have knocked it out of the park. A lot of other options at the cinema this week/weekend.

“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”


Hits just as hard in the feels as you would expect… definitely bring the tissues! Tom Hanks shines as the only living person who could possibly pull this one off. Given that going to the movies is one of the few remaining communal experiences and entertainment mediums in our modern society… It was very fitting that this film is a moving tale of faith in the beauty of humanity.

The framing device of “this is a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” episode was a bit clunky, but made perfect sense by the end of the film. The power of imagery and the subtle act of hitting all of the lowest keys on a piano will leave you truly moved. The subtlety and comfort in silence is what really struck me about this film.

Amazing work by all involved to truly capture the essence of the man and legend that was Mr. Rogers. I also highly recommend “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” for further delving into the story of a truly great man with a powerful message.

“Ford v. Ferrari”


I’ll start by saying that it was incredibly difficult not speeding on the drive home after this two and a half hour thrill ride! An absolute work of cinematic art… a beautifully crafted film. The ultimate mix of adrenaline, brotherhood, and heart… I never expected I’d been misty-eyed following a movie about cars, but here we are. I thought it’d be good, but damn. Strap in, and you’re off to the races!

“JoJo Rabbit”


Really didn’t know what I was walking into… still not sure what the hell that was walking out. A touching, yet gruesome, and occasionally laugh out loud coming of age story… about a Hitler youth. Whose imaginary friend is the fuhrer himself. Can’t make this shit up. All together, a surprisingly good film. Definitely out in left field, but that’s what director Taika Waititi does best.