Category: Indie

“Hooking Up”


Definitely rated R. Not for family streaming during quarantine. However, if you’re looking for a pleasant twist on the modern rom-com, with 2 people learning from each other, friendship, struggle, addiction, intimacy, and hooking up… then have I got the movie for you! Plus, Brittany Snow… *heart eyes*

This road trip between complete strangers really goes the distance, and explores the depths of intimacy and the deeper meanings behind our relationships with one another, be it platonic or romantic. The two leads play off each other extremely well and have the perfect chemistry as polar opposites that of course attract in the end. Strap-in, get ready for an interesting ride. Again, probably without kids around.

“Somm Trilogy”


One of the all-time great trilogies. I’ll say it. And not just because I was enjoying a bottle of the subject of these films myself while viewing. Have to test run the professional tasting methods yourself to use at future parties to impress fellow connoisseurs. This series brought a great depth to the field of sommeliers and the history of wine as a whole. Amazing culture to dive into and explore, and these films do so in a very reverent fashion through the lenses of the experts and pillars of the business. Very well done. Cheers!

“Bottle Shock”


Came recommended by a friend. Didn’t disappoint! The re-telling of the legendary Paris tasting that out California/American wine in the map retold through the talents of some of Hollywood’s best turns out to be a pretty great film. Alan Rickman shines as sommelier Steven Spurrier as he ventures to the US to prove that French wines will forever be the gold standard. Beautiful set pieces and an intriguing story. Pairs well with a bottle of the good stuff. Cheers!

“The Way Back”


One of the best sports movies since “McFarland” and “When the Game Stands Tall.” A heartfelt tale of redemption for really every character in some way. The lens of a sports centered film lends itself so well to delving into the human condition and redemption, it’s almost always a pleasure to watch. Great performances for all involved. Ben Affleck revisits his washed up mopey drunk Bruce Wayne, only this time as a former basketball star turned coach. He really nails it. Very enjoyable, well done film.

“The Lodge”


Somewhere within “The Shining,” “Hereditary,” and “Midsommar” lies this film. What begins as a straightforward tale of cabin fever gone awry quickly unravels into one of the most shocking and unsettling endings I’ve seen in quite some time. Classic A24 style, but not made by A24. Was wondering what happened to this film after it’s initial release and hype from Sundance… glad to see it finally see an official release and live up to, if not exceed the hype. Very artfully executed horror. Not a gore film, but more tense thriller with horror elements. Beware the faint of heart.