Category: Throwback

“The Towering Inferno”


Paul Newman and Steve McQueen in the same film just isn’t fair. AND the juice (OJ Simpson) is loose as a security guard, of all things. One of many, but one of the best disaster movies to come out of the 1970s. Tied with “The Poseidon Adventure” in my book. Death defying stunts, amazing practical special effects, and phenomenal acting by almost the entire cast. Only a couple cheesy moments, but that’s to be expected. I also wouldn’t have taken the elevator so often in a fire, but McQueen is a badass and can do as he pleases. I initially balked at the almost-3 hour runtime, but it was well worth it. Classic Hollywood. Short of something like “Backdraft” coming along once every few years, they just don’t make movies like this anymore.



More snow than a Michigan snow storm…

The classic f**king tale of Tony f**king Montana! Say hello to this f**king legendary film with some of the best f**king cinematography and acting in a gangster movie this side of the f**king Godfather trilogy. Al Pacino and company f**king shine as a perfect cast to bring this based on true events story to f**king life. If you have three f**king hours to spare, this is a great f**king way to spend it if you don’t mind a little blood and a few f**king profanities sprinkled in. The acting by Pacino in Tony’s finale is something to f**king behold. Many a master classes in the art of f**king acting. F**king great soundtrack, too.

“Julie and Julia”


As a fellow blogger, I could relate to the intimidation of a blank screen. It’s always a joy to witness a story about someone finding a passion to devote even a portion of their life to. An added bonus to see it impact the lives of others. Watching these parallel tales unfold, trials and tribulations abound, to emerge triumphant and changed as people, is a beautifully inspiring effect a film can have. Never can go wrong with Amy Adams.

“The Rock”


Strap in and prepare for the movie Michael Bay was born to direct! Action from the very first frame to the last. Explosions and testosterone galore. All set to the backdrop of pure patriotism. One of Nicholas Cage’s finest performances, with just the right amount of manic. Sean Connery bringing an unrivaled level of sophistication and class to the screen. Ed Harris playing the ultimate bad guy you understand and sometimes almost root for. An epic film, from an epic time in American cinema.

Side note: they just don’t make trailers like this anymore.