Author: Brett_G



Spielberg’s genius on full display! A game of cat and mouse on the open road. Really, you could circumvent an entire road rage course by just showing this film as what can happen when things go awry on the highway. So simple, yet so effective! A master class in tension building and cinematography. Spielbergs eye for framing and storytelling are evident in even his earliest of works. And… it gave us the infamous noise from the shark death in “JAWS.” (I’m a film nerd, and yes, learned about this by watching all of the special features of both movies.)

“All Night”


A John Hughes-esque masterpiece! In the spirit of every teen “coming of age” story, this series hits all the right beats. A lot of unknowns combine for some amazing surprise chemistry as a cast and really pull the rabbit out of the hat with this one. Extremely cheesy, but equally entertaining and heartwarming. Strong dose of nostalgia.



Well… that was… strange. Definitely one of the more oddball films I’ve seen in my quarantine run thus far.

Major style points, as the setting of the film and the nostalgia of being able to be in a movie theater definitely won me over. The nude ghost/demon woman who is summoned like the girl from “the ring,” whose method of killing was… definitely unexpected. Very strange film overall. Still not quite sure what to make of it. Highly original, though. That much was a breathe of fresh air.

“Death Proof”


Serving as his own director of cinematography, this may just be one of Quentin’s best. Very different from his usual style, but I appreciated the way the rawness of the storytelling really fit the story. Kurt Russell plays a great madman in what reminded me of the Spielberg classic “Duel.” A menacing presence, haunting those who dare trespass on the open road.

“Black Christmas (1974)”


MUCH better than the remake! I actually didn’t mind sitting through this one. Actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Little cheesy, but that’s to be expected in this genre. Looks like it was made for about $50. However, a solid slasher flick, with a solid cliffhanger ending we all root for in the these things.