Category: Blockbuster

“John Wick 3: Parabellum”


WARNING: Quite a bit of gore. Not for the light of heart.

This thrill ride of a film erupts from the gate like a shot and doesn’t let off the gas until the credits roll. The variation of fighting styles was a nice touch, that I didn’t really catch on to until the third act. They showcase different strengths with each oncoming scene and do some of the best world-building outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I felt transported back in time to the classic “Game of Death” finale, as Wick must take out wave after wave of highly trained assassins with his signature headshots and martial arts. The characters all develop further levels to their characters, and the underground (or, under table) world of assassins takes shape as the movie moves along, but none of it bogs down the non-stop action. A feat in and of itself. I was also pleasantly surprised that they were able to shoehorn in a pretty kick-ass explanation of the film’s title. A definite must-see for anyone looking for one of the best action movies of the year!

“Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood”

Hot August night in Hollywood…. perfect time and place for an original film renaissance. If you have a chance to see this one in the theater, it’s definitely the way to go. A true cinematic experience. From the perfect cast playing both against and to type, to the head-bopping, expertly assembled soundtrack… This film is on-screen perfection at the hands of a master. At first, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why the pacing felt so odd, but soon realized it was Tarantino’s avoidance of “exposition dumps” to build story. Instead, the film takes the time to paint a fully detailed picture of each character and setting. It was a breath of fresh air in today’s age of multi-billion dollar tentpole franchises. Hopefully a sign of more projects to come to a theater near you.



A moment in film history I think we will look back on as a turning point. This film is so much more than it’s comic book overlay and much more important to society as a whole than it is advancing the narrative of the DC character. This film delves so deeply into realism as the main character essentially unravels to his core, you can’t help but be sucked in and be brought along for the ride. Joaquin Phoenix deserves all of the Oscars for this one. The mirror the film holds up to society is one of the most effective gut punches a film has delivered in quite some time. Definitely a must-see from me. It is certainly dark, but not quite as violent as I had anticipated. There are short bursts scattered throughout the film. Very well pace, written, acted, and overall executed film!