“Ready or Not”

Here it comes… a film that is far better than I ever expected it to be. Somewhere between “Clue” and “The Purge” lays this story of family tradition, quarrels, and intrigue. Wonderfully executed, this film hits the ground running and never stops until your laughing as the credits begin to roll after a perfectly chosen runtime. A definite recommendation for a fun, yet gruesome adventure. Definitely not a kids movie.

“It: Chapter 2”


Some (myself included) have claimed that books ruin the surprise of the movies. Well, I’m here to tell you that in this case, it did just the opposite. The depth of storytelling by Stephen King is echoed in this film and its predecessor so well that it actually caused my jaw to drop at 3-4 moments in this film. The risks taken, the superb acting by all involved, and a setting so expertly filled with dread and tension… It’s a truly breathtaking experience. Didn’t feel anywhere near the 3 hour run time, which is impressive. Definitely recommend.

WARNING: Not a kids movie!

“Blinded by the Light”


One word: inspirational. Sometimes I forget how powerful the Boss’s catalog is. That being said, this was my favorite of the two “foreign male gets really into an American/British band” film that’s come out this year. Simply because I like Bruce Springsteen better than the Beatles. There are some genuine laughs, genuine cries, and a ton of heart in this coming of age story set to one of the most kick-ass soundtracks of the year. Had the whole theater singing along.

“Peanut Butter Falcon”


Rule number one = PARTY!

This film is the find of the year for me, so far. The timeless “Tom Sawyer” type tale, with some of the best characters I’ve seen on the screen in forever. One of those films that inspires you even more than it entertains… and that’s saying a lot for this film that is pretty damn entertaining. You’ll definitely go through the entire spectrum of emotions with this one, but it will be one of the most fulfilling rides you’ll take in a theater this year. Highly highly recommend you track this one down.

“47 Meters Down: Uncaged”


Fast & Furious has butts and cars… This movie has butts and sharks. With about the same depth of story as a Fast & Furious movie. Good to see the guy from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” still out there killing it, though. The title pretty much sums it up. There are girls in over their heads in sharks again, but this time *gasp* they don’t have a cage to protect them this time. If you plan on cave diving any time, I’d probably avoid this one. Otherwise, it’s a fun time at the theater and the perfect length film. Great self-awareness by the filmmakers… just the right amount of story to go with epic shark kills.