“Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris”


Mrs. Harris goes to Paris. Mrs. Harris buys a dress. Mrs. Harris almost falls in love. Mrs. Harris plays matchmaker. Mrs. Harris leads a worker’s revolution. Mrs. Harris’s impact on the world goes from “invisible woman” to international icon. Mrs. Harris gains valuable perspective and leaves everyone in the theater thoroughly charmed.

“Midnight in Paris”


One of Owen Wilson’s best, if I’m being honest. A very “Great Gatsby” feel to this one. By far the strangest breaking down of writer’s block I’ve seen in a hot minute. The overall feeling of the movie reminds me of the moments of clarity on a late night walk, especially those on vacation in a new place. Which was fitting, seeing as that’s a central premise of the film. A beautiful story set in an even more beautiful city.

“Good Luck Chuck”


Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

The male equivalent to “27 dresses,” locked and loaded with Dan Fogler playing his signature raunchy sidekick that makes even Dane Cook seem sweet.

Jessica Alba kills it as Cam, and the penguin angle is perfect for the story. They are a perfect analogy for this love story. A little awkward, but that just makes them even more adorable and likable. The pinnacle of the Dane Cook wave, and has a well-earned spot in his standup act as a punchline even modern day.

No comment on any parallels between this film and the real life adventures of your favorite internet movie reviewer.