“The Bubble”


It was… okay?

Some funny moments, some funny characters. Ultimately forgettable. It may very well be that it was too early for a COVID movie. It could be that it was just the Netflix effect of moving ever-closer to the “everything for everyone” genre and losing their edge on many of their products, leading to the “meh, it killed some time” feeling as the credits roll.



For the love of all that is holy… WHO GAVE MICHAEL BAY A DRONE?!?

When this heist goes sideways, our two main characters will commandeer an ambulance and go on a tight quarters drama draped in a Michael Bay action thriller for the ages. In all seriousness, they could not have cast this any better or picked a better director. Just enough story to hold everything together and give Bay an excuse to blow up half of the city of Los Angeles.

It could have been 20-30 minutes shorter, but that would have taken away one too many explosions and unnecessary gunfights, apparently. So turn your brain off and watch the sirens go “whoo!” and everything else go “boom!”



Moon – Fall

Movie – Good

This looked silly on the surface. It had no business being as great as it was. Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry play off each other perfectly, and John Bradley plays a perfect third wheel.

The special effects were gorgeous and just the right amount of insane, which I expected. I didn’t expect, however, how well they would pull off the story. I didn’t expect to care about the plot as much as I did. Disaster movies aren’t famous for making you care about the characters and the world that’s being destroyed. This film perfectly weaves in the peripheral characters and settings in a way that there are actually some stakes, which kept me on the edge of my seat and wholeheartedly along for this other-worldly ride from beginning to end.

“Deep Water”


Why is it that Ben Affleck keeps getting caught in these toxic on-screen relationships? Between this and “Gone Girl,” his red flag detection is… well, it’s worse than mine.

This is a fantastic ride – a masterclass in suspense. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for the entire runtime and was sincerely surprised with every twist and turn. I found myself yelling at the screen more often than usual with this one. Everything from “… and now your dead” to “DUDE, RUN!” There’s not an innocent soul in the entire cast. Everyone’s secrets play a role in their demise and play off each other’s flaws to keep the story mysterious and drive the plot to its conclusion.

I’ve done some crazy things in the name of… love? Lust?… But never anything nearing this lunacy.

Content Warning – Hulu may be owned by Disney, but this is NOT a Disney movie.

“Pam & Tommy”


Much better than I was expecting!

I don’t think we learn a lot more about any of the characters involved. Tommy Lee is pretty much who you assume him to be. However, it was in the depth and perspective this miniseries paid to Pamela Anderson where it really shined. The perspective of the differences in the effect on their careers, personal lives, and outlook on life. The differences between being a man or a woman included in a sex tape gone public were deftly handled, which surprised me. It’s perfectly cast and surprisingly well-done. Bravo to the Hulu Originals team.