“New Mutants”


Go figure. Fox finally got the X-Men figured out and had an interesting launch point. Just in time for the studio to be bought out, the movie to be delayed for years, and for the film to finally come out when it no longer made sense narratively or tonally. Such promise, wasted for the most part. The perfect film to bury as the first major US release post-COVID cinema shutdown. The characters all have great backstories, intriguing powers, and a great dynamic that they develop as fellow test subjects/prisoners. All for not. Definitely worth a watch for fans of originality and of the X-Men franchise. If for no other reason, for the conspiracy laden “what-if” theories that are sure to plague this franchise for years to come.

“Cobra Kai”


FINALLY! This isn’t buried on a streaming service no one dare uses! (Sorry, Not Sorry YouTube Red)

This one definitely swept the leg of my heart. There’s not an aspect of this show I haven’t fallen in love with. The soundtrack kicks ass. The characters develop a great depth and complexity, and we get a fresh take on a classic that breathes new life into the franchise. I never thought that Johnny Lawrence would become a sympathetic character, but it just speaks to the phenomenal acting chops of Billy Zabka. You can really tell that the actors enjoyed revisiting these characters and coming back for this project. Pure fun and nostalgia, injected straight into the viewers veins. I’m here for it!

“The Broken Hearts Gallery”


This girl has worse taste in dating partners than yours truly…Good lord.

A throwback to a time in the cinema when these mid-budget romantic comedies were a thing of beauty on the silver screen, not monopolized by Netflix. So many laughs. So many “awe” moments. So many “just dump his ass already!” moments. A definite hidden gem, if you can find your way to a socially distanced multiplex or drive in. A fairly fresh take on an age old genre. Very well done!

“Words on Bathroom Walls”


Such an emotionally raw film… A harrowing tale of a high school senior not only navigating the treachery of high school, but doing it while also living with Schizophrenia. The relationships between characters was really something to behold. Such complexity, yet such familiarity with each character. It’s been a long time since a film hit me in the feels with such an impact. A few cliches, but important lessons to be learned. An incredible piece of cinema, and a breath of fresh air on the big screen!



Eli Roth written all over it. The traps of “Saw,” the gore of “Hostel,” the clowns of “It.” All in all, this was exactly what I expected of it. No more, no less. A lean, mean haunted house themed thriller full of jump scares, spooky music, and a healthy dose of “what the hell?!?” factor. Solid addition to spooky season.