“A Rainy Day in New York”


I liked this more than I guessed I would have supposed at first glance. It’s a definite Woody Allen film. Hard-on for New York City, clunky dialogue at times, rushed, yet witty storytelling.

An awkward savant serves as our main character, who fumbles his way from beautiful woman to beautiful woman. Selena Gomez, of all people, bringing down the house as the unsuspecting love interest. All the while, his girlfriend stumbles her way through equally awkward yet less rewarding encounters. Al set against strikingly beautiful set pieces, shot in a way that only Allen can pull off.

If you’re in the mood for an oddball romance, this one hits the spot.

“From Beyond”


All I wanted to know was where the idea for the floating sky jellyfish in zombies mode in the new “Call of Duty” came from… Apparently, that was too much to ask. Come along with me down the rabbit hole.

Buckle up for a wild ride. Rogue pituitary glands, killer ghost seas creatures, and the most moist finale this side of the horror classic “Society.” If the multiple uses of moist make you uncomfortable, that gives you a taste for what your in for for the entire runtime. Wowza.

“Ex Machina”


Instead of your typical Victorian/Colonial age film from A24 that makes your skin crawl, this one has robots!

Brilliant performances by all involved precisely weave a cautionary tale of AI gone awry. The age-old scientific inquiry, “we can, but should we?” Michael Crichton would be proud! Get ready to have your mind bent, then blown by this masterpiece of science… Fiction? (only because this feels all too real in the not so distant future)

“A Very Merry Mixup”


Sometimes, fate has a funny way of getting us to the right place at the right time. Even if it isn’t our plan.

As rough as this one got in the middle, with an imbalance between the douche and the dreamboat, it really sticks the landing and gets you misty-eyed by the time the credits roll.

This one checks all the boxes. If you want to find love, owning or frequenting an antique shop is an excellent place to start. Bonus points if a few generations pass it down. Moral of the story: it’s incredible what can happen when you combine a mind full of trivial knowledge with actually listening to the woman you plan to woo.