“Employee of the Month”


It isn’t always about getting the girl. Sure, that’s an added bonus, but sometimes it’s more about who we become along the way in becoming a better person to pursue the girl that turns out to be the real prize.

Another Dane Cook renaissance film with a surprising depth to it and heartfelt message. Full of inappropriate jokes and a rivalry for the ages, putting our hero against Dax Shepard.

“My Best Friend’s Girl”


They all like ‘em a little bad…

This movie is as hilarious as Kate Hudson is hot. The Dane Cook leading man trilogy was one hell of a time to be alive. There’s some timeless wisdom in this one, buried deep underneath the surface. Much like the hopeless romantic, buried deep beneath the abrasive exterior of Tank.

“Sliding Doors”

Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Not for the faint of heart, especially those of us prone to overthinking and falling into the trap of wondering “what if?” This film delves into the ultimate “what if?” and illustrates two completely separate and different lives. All separated by a pair of sliding doors. It’s interesting to ponder on this subject and think about what butterfly effect moments I’ve been blissfully unaware of in my own life at any given time. Fate’s a funny thing.

The cast is brilliant, albeit an unlikely pairing. A strong chemistry develops and a harrowing tale of life’s path and our place in the organized chaos really hit home for me. All thanks to a Tik Tok leading me down this rabbit hole.


Another forced look at our place i the world and how we all fit together and intertwine on the journey through life. There’s a lot under the hood in this one.

Led by powerhouse performances by Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci, this film dives into a time in American history we too soon forget, or we’re blissfully unaware of in the first place. In this unthinkable chess match is addressed some of life’s most difficult questions, forcing us as viewers to evaluate things well beyond the boundaries of the screen. Exceptionally well done and well worth a watch!



One of the most impactful things I’ve watched all year. I caught it on a list on LinkedIn for leveling up one’s life, and now am including and recommending it here.

The way that the filmmakers lay out their case caused me to take a deep dive internally, and come out the other side more changed than I’ve been in a long time when the credits rolled on a film. Highly, highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a dose of profound perspective.